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psf2wyse - Man Page

convert a PC Screen Font file to a Wyse-60 soft font


psf2wyse [--bank=BANK] [--dest=DEST] [--height=HEIGHT] [--first=FIRST] [--last=LAST] [--nulls=COUNT] [INPUTFILE [OUTPUTFILE]]


psf2wyse converts a font in the .PSF format to a soft-font suitable for use with Wyse-60 and compatible terminals. The resulting soft-font can be saved as a text file, or just sent straight to the terminal.



The Wyse-60 has four banks of 128 characters each, numbered 0 to 3. By default the first two contain the 16-pixel font used in 25-line modes, and the second two contain the 9-pixel font used in 43-line modes. This option sets the  first bank to load into; note that psf2wyse will load into subsequent banks  if there are more characters in the font than will fit into one.


Specifies the first character to populate in the destination bank. By default  this is zero.


Starts generating the font at character FIRST.


Finishes generating the font after doing character LAST.


Sets the height of the characters which will be sent to the terminal. By  default this is 16, whatever the height of the font being converted; on a  Wyse-60, attempts to define characters at other heights appear to be ignored.


After sending the definition for a character, send COUNT null bytes. This  appears to be necessary to make sure the terminal doesn't miss the start of a  character while it's still processing the previous character. By default  COUNT is 8.


The terminal screen tends to flicker like crazy while characters not in the  current bank are being defined.

See Also

pat2sf(1), sf2pat(1), wyse2psf(1)


John Elliott <jce@seasip.demon.co.uk>.

Referenced By


21 June, 2008 Version 1.0.8 PSF Tools