psf2raw - Man Page

convert part or all of a PC Screen Font file to a raw font


psf2raw [--first=FIRST] [--last=LAST] [--256] [--flip] [--codepage=CODEPAGE] [INPUTFILE [OUTPUTFILE]]


psf2raw saves some or all characters from a .PSF font as a raw file (plain font data); this format is frequently used by console font editors under  DOS and other platforms.



Extracts only the characters in the given codepage (requires the source PSF file to have a Unicode directory). Any characters in the codepage not present in the source font are replaced by blanks. The codepage can be specified by number or name; see psfpages(1) for a list of acceptable  codepage names.


Extracts characters starting at the specified character.


Extracts characters up to and including the specified character.


Equivalent to --first=0 --last=255.


Reverses the order if bits in each byte. Used to export to systems such as the Apricot Xi where the mapping of bits to pixels is the reverse of the  convention on PC hardware.

If a codepage and a range of characters are both specified, the range is applied to the subset of characters extracted by the codepage.

See Also

raw2psf(1), psfpages(1)


John Elliott <>.

Referenced By

fnt2psf(1), psfs2mda(1), raw2psf(1).

21 June, 2008 Version 1.0.8 PSF Tools