psf2bsd - Man Page

convert a PC Screen Font file to a BSD soft-font kernel header


psf2bsd [--name=NAME] [--typeface=NAME] [--encoding=ENC] [--first=FIRST] [--last=LAST] [INPUTFILE [OUTPUTFILE]]


psf2bsd converts a font in the .PSF format to the format used by the NetBSD 'wsfont' kernel headers.



Sets the name of the C structure that will contain the font. This defaults to 'font'. For example, --name=bold8x16


Sets the displayed name of the typeface. For example, --name=Boldface


Sets the encoding to use. This should be one of the WSDISPLAY_FONTENC_*  macros. For convenience, you can also use --encoding=437 as shorthand for  WSDISPLAY_FONTENC_IBM and --encoding=819 for WSDISPLAY_FONTENC_ISO.


Sets the first character to include in the output file.


Sets the last character to include in the output file.


For anything other than the simplest test cases, horizontal alignment of the output will almost certainly look untidy.


John Elliott <>.


21 June, 2008 Version 1.0.8 PSF Tools