ps2sp - Man Page

manual page for ps2sp version 4.14


ps2sp [OPTION] infile > outfile


This utility is a SPICE netlist preprocessor.
It converts netlists in PSPICE syntax to an equivalent SPICE3/XSPICE netlist syntax.
Recognized are nearly all PSPICE features like:

local and global parameter (expression) definition (.PARAM)


parameter (expression) passing to subcircuits (PARAMS:)


local and global function definition (.FUNC)


E and G-device VALUE=f(V,I), TABLE and POLY lines


E and G-device functions like IDT(), DDT(), LIMIT(), PWRS(), PWR(), IF(), MAX(), MIN(), relational ops, ...


R-device VALUE=f(V,I), L-device FLUX=f(V,I) and C-device Q=f(V,I)


spice2 like C and L-device POLY expressions


pspice VSWITCH and ISWITCH models


pspice .PROBE lines (also with expressions)


R-device lines with temperature coefficients like TC=tc1,tc2


pspice .STEP PARAM lines (not yet tested on GNU/Linux)


pspice .LIB and .INC(lude) lines (not yet tested on GNU/Linux)


-h,  --help
displays the help screen
-v,  --version

display version information and exit


switch means conversion of pspice table to spice 3 b-source instead of xspice core model (default)


switch means conversion of ^ spice 3 power to ** ltspice power and addition of tripdv=1 tripdt=1 in b-lines


for debugging all .param .func and .pfunc definitions (default is nodebug)


only output subckt expansions


inputfile is a sub.tmp file


only output lib expansions


inputfile is a lib.tmp file


determine the same count of open and closed paranthesis in b-lines (default is nocheck)


produces longer b-lines for some functions (default is tinylines = shorter b-lines)


allows ^ and ~ operators in the netfile (don't mix with ^ as power operator) use the ** operator as power instead

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to Friedrich Schmidt <>


June 2007 ps2sp version 4.14