prted - Man Page

Start an PRTE User-Level Daemon


prted [options]


prted starts an PRTE daemon for the PRTE system.


The prted command is not intended to be manually invoked by end users. It is part of the PRTE architecture and is invoked automatically as necessary. This man page is mainly intended for those adventerous end users and system administrators who have noticed an prted process and wondered what it is.

As such, the command line options accepted by the prted are not listed below because they are considered internal and are therefore subject to change between versions without warning. Running prted with the --help command line option will show all available options.


The PRTE maintainers ā€“ see or the file AUTHORS.

This manual page was originally contributed by Dirk Eddelbuettel <>, one of the Debian GNU/Linux maintainers for Open MPI, and may be used by others.


2021-08-23 PRRTE