proxysql - Man Page

High Performance Advanced Proxy for MySQL


proxysql [Options]


proxysql is a high performance, high availability, protocol aware proxy for MySQL and forks (like Percona Server and MariaDB).


-c,  --config ARG

Configuration file. By default, the proxy looks for the config file in the following locations (in this exact order):

  • `proxysql.cnf`, in the directory of the proxysql binary
  • `proxysql.cfg`, in the directory of the proxysql binary
  • `/etc/proxysql.cnf`
  • `/etc/proxysql.cfg`

This setting allows you to override the configuration file, and specify a custom location.

-D,  --datadir ARG

The data directory is where the proxy keeps its running files:

  • the SQLite database which stores the runtime configuration for the proxy
  • the pidfile
  • the log files
-e,  --exit-on-error

Do not restart ProxySQL if crashes.

-f,  --foreground

Run the daemon process in the foreground.

-h,  -help,  --help,  --usage

Display usage instructions.

-M,  --no-monitor

Do not start Monitor Module.

-n,  --no-start

Starts only the admin service, which helps to configure the daemon. This will not accept any traffic until the daemon is started from the admin interface.

-r,  --reuseport


-S,  --admin-socket ARG

Administration Unix Socket.

-V,  --version

Print the current version of ProxySQL.


Reset the admin database with the content from the configuration file.


Merge the configuration from the config file with the current runtime database.

See Also -- Online documentation



Configuration file.


Written by René Cannaò.

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