profanity-plugins - Man Page



Manage plugins. Passing no arguments lists installed plugins and global plugins which are available for local installation. Global directory for Python plugins is /usr/local/share/profanity/plugins and for C Plugins is /usr/local/lib64/profanity/plugins.



/plugins install [<path>]

/plugins uninstall [<plugin>]

/plugins update [<path>]

/plugins unload [<plugin>]

/plugins load [<plugin>]

/plugins reload [<plugin>]

/plugins python_version


install [<path>]

Install a plugin, or all plugins found in a directory (recursive). And loads it/them.

uninstall [<plugin>]

Uninstall a plugin.

update [<path>]

Updates an installed plugin

load [<plugin>]

Load a plugin that already exists in the plugin directory, passing no argument loads all found plugins. It will be loaded upon next start too unless unloaded.

unload [<plugin>]

Unload a loaded plugin, passing no argument will unload all plugins.

reload [<plugin>]

Reload a plugin, passing no argument will reload all plugins.


Show the Python interpreter version.


/plugins install

/plugins install /home/steveharris/Downloads/

/plugins update /home/steveharris/Downloads/

/plugins uninstall

/plugins load

/plugins unload

/plugins reload


2022-10-12 0.13.0 Profanity XMPP client