profanity-ox - Man Page



OpenPGP (OX) commands to manage keys, and perform OpenPGP encryption during chat sessions. Your OpenPGP key needs a user-id with your JID URI (xmpp:local@domain.tld). A key can be generated with "gpg --quick-gen-key xmpp:local@domain.tld future-default default 3y". See man profanity-ox-setup for details on how to set up OX the first time.


/ox keys

/ox contacts

/ox start [<contact>]

/ox end

/ox log on|off|redact

/ox char <char>

/ox announce <file>

/ox discover <jid>

/ox request <jid> <keyid>



List all keys known to the system.


Show contacts with assigned public keys.

start [<contact>]

Start PGP encrypted chat, current contact will be used if not specified.


End PGP encrypted chat with the current recipient.

log on|off

Enable or disable plaintext logging of PGP encrypted messages.

log redact

Log PGP encrypted messages, but replace the contents with [redacted].

char <char>

Set the character to be displayed next to PGP encrypted messages.

announce <file>

Announce a public key by pushing it on the XMPP Server

discover <jid>

Discover public keys of a jid. The OpenPGP Key IDs will be displayed

request <jid> <keyid>

Request public key. See /ox discover to to get available key IDs.


/ox log off

/ox start odin@valhalla.edda

/ox end

/ox char X


2023-08-03 0.13.1 Profanity XMPP client