profanity-omemo - Man Page



OMEMO commands to manage keys, and perform encryption during chat sessions.


/omemo gen

/omemo log on|off|redact

/omemo start [<contact>]

/omemo trust [<contact>] <fingerprint>

/omemo end

/omemo fingerprint [<contact>]

/omemo char <char>

/omemo trustmode manual|firstusage|blind

/omemo policy manual|automatic|always

/omemo clear_device_list

/omemo qrcode



Generate OMEMO crytographic materials for current account.

start [<contact>]

Start an OMEMO session with contact, or current recipient if omitted.


End the current OMEMO session.

log on|off

Enable or disable plaintext logging of OMEMO encrypted messages.

log redact

Log OMEMO encrypted messages, but replace the contents with [redacted].

fingerprint [<contact>]

Show contact fingerprints, or current recipient if omitted.

char <char>

Set the character to be displayed next to OMEMO encrypted messages.

trustmode manual

Set the global OMEMO trust mode to manual, OMEMO keys has to be trusted manually.

trustmode firstusage

Set the global OMEMO trust mode to ToFu, first OMEMO keys trusted automatically.

trustmode blind

Set the global OMEMO trust mode to blind, ALL OMEMO keys trusted automatically.

policy manual

Set the global OMEMO policy to manual, OMEMO sessions must be started manually.

policy automatic

Set the global OMEMO policy to opportunistic, an OMEMO session will be attempted upon starting a conversation.

policy always

Set the global OMEMO policy to always, an error will be displayed if an OMEMO session cannot be initiated upon starting a conversation.


Clear your own device list on server side. Each client will reannounce itself when connected back.


Display QR code of your OMEMO fingerprint


/omemo gen

/omemo start odin@valhalla.edda

/omemo trust c4f9c875-144d7a3b-0c4a05b6-ca3be51a-a037f329-0bd3ae62-07f99719-55559d2a

/omemo untrust loki@valhalla.edda c4f9c875-144d7a3b-0c4a05b6-ca3be51a-a037f329-0bd3ae62-07f99719-55559d2a

/omemo char *


2023-08-03 0.13.1 Profanity XMPP client