preupg man page

preupg ā€” Preupgrade assistant performs assessment of the system from the "upgradeability" point of view


preupg used in case of one installed contents on source system

preupg [-l, --list-contents]

preupg [-d, --debug] [--skip-common] [-s, --scan PATH] [-m, --mode MODE] [--force] [--text] [--kickstart] [--dst-arch]

preupg [-v, --verbose] [--riskcheck]

preupg [-c, --contents PATH]

preupg [--cleanup]


preupg is the main binary of Preupgrade Assistant.


-c, --contents PATH

Generates a content for preupgrade assistant.

-d, --debug

Makes preupgrade assistant log lots of debugging information.


Clean all files created by preupg about previous state of the machine.


Suppress user interaction.


Generate kickstart.

-l, --list

Shows list of installed contents

-m, --mode MODE

Select one (or both) from the possible modes: migrate or upgrade. Both modes are used by default. upgrade is used for in-place upgrades on the same machine by fedup or redhat-upgrade-tool. migrate is used for migration with kickstart with new clean installation, with settings of the new system as close as possible to settings of original system.

-s, --scan PATH

Executes selected assessment taken from list option.


Skips generating common log files used during assessment.


Returns value which depends on INPLACE RISK results. If verbose mode is mentioned then shows all inplace risks generated during assessment. Return values are 0 for SLIGHT, MEDIUM risk or 1 for HIGH risk or 2 for EXTREME risk.


Convert HTML results to text form by elinks, lynx or w3m.

-v, --verbose

Shows more information during assessment. Verbose can be repeated more times.


Specify destination architecture for migrations. Allowed options are: i386-x86_64 or ppc-ppc64.

Return States

preupg command returns several return values.

Possible return values are:

0 - preupg works properly and was successful even modules went properly. Modules exits with results PASS.

10 - preupg works properly but modules finishes with 10. Modules exits with results NOT_APPLICABLE, NOT_CHECKED, NOT_SELECTED.

11 - preupg works properly but modules finishes with 11. Modules exits with results INFORMATIONAL.

12 - preupg works properly but modules finishes with 12. Modules exits with results FIXED, NEEDS_INSPECTION or NEEDS_ACTION.

13 - preupg works properly but modules finishes with 13. Modules exits with results FAILED.

14 - preupg works properly but modules finishes with 14. Modules exits with results UNKNOWN.

15 - preupg works properly but modules finishes with 15. Modules exits with results ERROR.

20 - preupg does not find a proper upgrade scenario.

21 - preupg is executed with parameters mode and select-rules. This is not allowed.

22 - preupg is executed with parameters riskcheck, cleanup and kickstart. This options are not allowed together.

23 - preupg has to be executed as root.

24 - preupg has to be executed before kickstart generation.

25 - openscap and openscap-engine-sce are not installed on the system.

26 - you specified a text convertor which does not exist. Allowe convertors are w3m, lynx and elinks.

27 - File /usr/share/preupgrade/common/scripts.txt is missing. Preupgrade-assistant is not installed properly. Reinstall it.

28 - We have detected some trouble with sending report to WEB-UI. Check if it is installed.


All common log files are stored in /var/cache/preupgrade/common directory. Assessment results are stored in /root/preupgrade directory. Tarballs with all assessments are stored in directory /root/preupgrade-results.


Petr Hracek, <> (man page)


2015-03-01 Linux User's Manual