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preproc - Man Page


preproc [-h] [--no-break-on-failure] [--debug] [-e <varname>=<value>] [-s PATH] [-C path]


Simple text preprocessor implementing a very basic templating language. You can use {{{ <bash_code> }}} tags in a text file and then pipe content of that file to preproc. preproc will replace each of the tags with stdout of <bash_code> and print the final renderred result to its own stdout. NOTE: You need to trust input files that you pass to preproc. Running preproc on an unknown file is equivalent of running an unknown script on your computer.



Normally, preproc will immediately stop processing as soon as an error is encountered. This switch changes the behavior.


Print each encountered tag and its env during input processing.

-e <varname>=<value>, --env <varname>=<value>

set a variable into macro processing environment, e.g. -e VAR=VALUE.

-s PATH, --source PATH

sources given file into macro processing environment. May be used multiple times.

-C path

Directory to operate in.


preproc was written by clime <clime@fedoraproject.org>.


The latest version of preproc may be downloaded from https://pagure.io/rpkg-util/blob/master/f/preproc