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premake5 - Man Page

A build script generator.


premake --target <str>


premake allows you to manage your project configuration in one place and still support those pesky IDE-addicted Windows coders and/or cranky Linux command-line junkies. It allows you to generate project files for tools that you do not own. It saves the time that would otherwise be spent manually keeping several different toolsets in sync. And it provides an easy upgrade path as new versions of your favorite tools are released.


--file name

Process the specified premake script file. If not specified, "premake.lua" is assumed.


Remove all binaries and build scripts.

--cc name

Choose a C/C++ compiler, if supported by target; one of:
     gcc       GNU gcc compiler
     dmc       Digital Mars C/C+ compiler (experimental)

--dotnet name

Choose a .NET compiler set, if supported by target; one of:
     ms        Microsoft (csc)
     mono      Mono (mcs)
     mono2     Mono .NET 2.0 (gmcs)
     pnet      Portable.NET (cscc)

--os name

Generate files for different operating system; one of:
     bsd       OpenBSD, NetBSD, or FreeBSD
     linux     Linux
     macosx    MacOS X
     windows   Microsoft Windows

--target name

Generate input files for the specified toolset; one of:
     cb-gcc    Code::Blocks Studio with GCC
     gnu       GNU Makefile for POSIX, MinGW, and Cygwin
     monodev   MonoDevelop
     sharpdev  ICSharpCode SharpDevelop
     vs6       Microsoft Visual Studio 6
     vs2002    Microsoft Visual Studio 2002
     vs2003    Microsoft Visual Studio 2003
     vs2005    Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (includes Express editions)


Display version information.


Display this information.


Generate Makefiles for gcc.

premake --target gnu


Jason Perkins and the Premake Project


2008 - Initial version


17 April 2008 Ryan Mulder