premake4 - Man Page

cross-platform build configuration tool


premake4 [options] action [arguments]


premake4 is a build configuration tool that can generate project files for multiple build environments on multiple platforms.



Choose a C/C++ compiler set; one of:

gccGNU GCC (gcc/g++)

Choose a .NET compiler set; one of:

msnetMicrosoft .NET (csc)
monoNovell Mono (mcs)
pnetPortable.NET (cscc)

Read FILE as a Premake script; default is 'premake4.lua'.


Display usage information.


Generate files for a different operating system; one of:

bsdOpenBSD, NetBSD, or FreeBSD
macosxApple Mac OS X
windowsMicrosoft Windows

Add target architecture (if supported by action); one of:

universalMac OS X Universal, 32- and 64-bit
universal32Mac OS X Universal, 32-bit only
universal64Mac OS X Universal, 64-bit only
ps3Playstation 3 (experimental)
xbox360Xbox 360 (experimental)

Search for additional scripts on the given path.


Display version information.


cleanRemove all binaries and generated files
codeblocksGenerate Code::Blocks project files
codeliteGenerate CodeLite project files
gmakeGenerate GNU makefiles for POSIX, MinGW, and Cygwin
vs2002Generate Microsoft Visual Studio 2002 project files
vs2003Generate Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 project files
vs2005Generate Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 project files
vs2008Generate Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 project files
vs2010Generate Visual Studio 2010 project files (experimental)
xcode3Generate Apple Xcode 3 project files (experimental)

See Also

For information on how to write premake4 script files, see


premake4 was written by Jason Perkins.

This man page was written for the Fedora Project by Joachim de Groot <>.


November 27, 2010