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prelude-manager - Man Page

Collects and normalize events.


prelude-manager [options]


Prelude Manager is a high-availability server which can collect, filter, relay, reverse-relay, normalize and store events. Events can come from registered analyzers and/or managers. The common usage is to store nomalized events into a database, thus this can be extended to store informations in plain text or xml files.


Some prelude-manager option are contextual, they have to be prefixed by another.

Prelude generic options
Profile to use for this analyzer
Number of seconds between two heartbeat
Address where this sensor should report to (addr:port)
Name for this analyzer

Options for the libpreludedb plugin

-t, --type=<type> Type of database (mysql/pgsql/sqlite3)

-l, --log=<file name> Log all queries in a file, should be only used for debugging purpose

-h, --host=<address> The host where the database server is running (in case of client/server database)

-f, --file=<file name> The file where the database is stored (in case of file based database)

-p, --port=<port number> The port where the database server is listening (in case of client/server database)

-d, --name=<name> The name of the database where the alerts will be stored

-u, --user=<user> User of the database (in case of client/server database)

-P, --pass=<password> Password for the user (in case of client/server database)


Option for the debug plugin

-o, --object=<name> Name of IDMEF object to print (no object provided will print the entire message)

-l, --logfile=<file name> Specify output file to use (default to stdout)


Relaying plugin option

-p, --parent-managers=<address> List of managers address:port pair where messages should be sent to


Option for the textmod plugin

-l, --logfile=<file name> Specify logfile to use


Option for the xmlmod plugin

-l, --logfile=<file name> Specify output file to use

-v, --validate=<xml> Validate IDMEF XML output against DTD

-f, --format=<format> Format XML output so that it is readable

-d, --disable-buffering=<boolean> Disable output file buffering to prevent truncated tags

--idmef-criteria-filter=<INAME> Filter message based on IDMEF criteria

-r, --rule=<rule> Filter rule, or filename containing rule

--hook=<value> Where the filter should be hooked (reporting|reverse-relaying|plugin name)

--config=<file name>

Configuration file to use

-v,  --version

Print version number

-D,  --debug-level=<level>

Run in debug mode

-d,  --daemon

Run in daemon mode

-P,  --pidfile=<file name>

Write Prelude PID to pidfile

-c,  --child-managers=<address>

List of managers address:port pair where messages should be gathered from

-l,  --listen=<address>

Address the sensors server should listen on (addr:port)

-f,  --failover=<boolean>

Enable failover for specified report plugin

-h,  --help

Print help


/etc/prelude/prelude-manager.conf - the configuration file


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