pquery - Man Page

Request information from the system


pquery [ options ] [ keys ]


pquery will request and output the specified information. This requires that pquery connect to an appropriate server - the tool will automatically attempt to do so, but options are provided to assist its search or to direct it to a specific server.

Keys passed to pquery may optionally include one or more qualifiers, with the individual qualifiers delimited by semi-colons. For example:



pquery supports the following options:

-h|--help                This help message
-n|--nspace <arg0>       Specify server nspace to connect to
-p|--pid <arg0>          Specify server pid to connect to
   --system-server       Specifically connect to the system server
   --system-server-first Look for the system server first
   --uri <arg0>          Specify URI of server to connect to
-v|--verbose             Be Verbose


The OpenPMIx maintainers ā€“ see https://github.com/openpmix/openpmix or the file AUTHORS.


2021-08-17 Open PMIx