pq2-redistribute man page

pq2-redistribute — Execute the file movements as determined by pq2-ana-dist


pq2-redistribute [-b backend] -f filemv


This manual page documents briefly the pq2-redistribute program.

pq2-redistribute is a script executing the file movements as determined by pq2-ana-dist(1) using the specified backend. Currently only the XROOTD backend is supported (tag 'xrd'; default).

More details about the input file can be found in the man page pq2-ana-dist(1).


-h, --help

Display help information.


Only show the action that should be done (don't execute them).

-b <backend>

Tag identifying the backend to be used. Currently only 'xrd' (for XROOTD) is supported.

-f <filemv>

File with the file movement directives produced by pq2-ana-dist .

-r <redirurl>, --redir=<redirurl>

URL of the redirector from where the files should be copied and deleted.

-t <dir>, --tmpdir=<dir>

Directory for temporary files; default is /tmp/<username>. Thsi is used to store temporary copies of the files during transfers.

Environment Variables

See setup-pq2(1).

See Also

pq2(1), pq2-ls(1), pq2-ls-files(1), pq2-ls-files-server(1), pq2-info-server(1), pq2-ana-dist(1), pq2-put(1), pq2-verify(1), pq2-rm(1), pq2-cache(1)

For more information on the ROOT system, please refer to http://root.cern.ch

Original Authors

Gerardo Ganis for the ROOT team.


This manual page was originally written by Gerardo Ganis <gerardo.ganis@cern.ch>, for ROOT version 5.

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