pq2-ls man page

pq2-ls — List the available datasets in a dataset meta-repository based on ROOT files


pq2-ls [options] [datasets]


This manual page documents briefly the pq2-ls program.

pq2-ls is a script invoking the pq2 ROOT application to list the available datasets in a dataset meta-repository based on ROOT files; the repository can be accessed via the local file system or a remote file server daemon or a PROOF facility.

More details about the underlying 'pq2' application can be found in the man page pq2(1).


The dataset or the datasets to be listed; the wildcards '*' is supported. By default, all the datasets in the repository are listed.


-h, --help
Display help information.
-k, --keep
Keep the temporary files created during the analysis under $TMPDIR
Verbose mode
Force opening of the datasets are open to get the information; by default the pre-processed information is used, if any.
In the case a cache is used, do not update the cache (may be slow on some servers).
Refresh the information (requires appropriate credentials; typically it can be done only for owned datasets).
-d <dataset>, --dataset=<dataset>
Alternative way to define the dataset or the datasets to be listed.
-u <serverurl>, --url=<serverurl>
URL of the PROOF master or data server providing the information; for data servers, it must include the directory. Can also be specified via the environment variables PQ2PROOFURL or PQ2DSSRVURL (see Environment Variables)."
-t <dir>, --tmpdir=<dir>
Directory for temporary files; defualt is /tmp/<username>.

Format of the Output

The information printed by pq2-ls has the following format:

/group/user/dsname                        | # files |  /<def-tree> | # evts   | size     | staged fraction

for example

Dataset URI                               | # Files | Default tree | # Events |   Disk   | Staged
/PWG2/akisiel/Therminator_c2030           |     952 | /esdTree     |      927 |     4 GB |   97 %

The space reserved for the default tree name is 14 characters: for longer names the last character is substituded with a '>'.

Environment Variables

See setup-pq2(1).

See Also

pq2(1), setup-pq2(1), pq2-ls-files(1), pq2-ls-files-server(1), pq2-info-server(1), pq2-ana-dist(1), pq2-put(1), pq2-verify(1), pq2-rm(1), pq2-cache(1)

For more information on the ROOT system, please refer to http://root.cern.ch

Original Authors

Gerardo Ganis for the ROOT team.


This manual page was originally written by Gerardo Ganis <gerardo.ganis@cern.ch>, for ROOT version 5.

Referenced By

pq2(1), pq2-ana-dist(1), pq2-cache(1), pq2-info-server(1), pq2-ls-files(1), pq2-ls-files-server(1), pq2-put(1), pq2-redistribute(1), pq2-rm(1), pq2-verify(1).

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