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ppmtolj - Man Page

convert a PPM image to an HP LaserJet PCL 5 Color file

Examples (TL;DR)



[-gamma val]

[-resolution {75|100|150|300|600}]






This program is part of Netpbm(1).

ppmtolj reads a PPM image as input and converts it into a color file suitable to be printed by an HP color PCL 5 printer.


In addition to the options common to all programs based on libnetpbm (most notably -quiet, see Common Options ), ppmtolj recognizes the following command line options:


Apply delta row compression to reduce the size of the pcl file.

-gamma int

Gamma correct the image using the integer parameter as a gamma (default 0).


Suppress positioning information.  The default is to write the sequence  ESC&l0E to the output.


Don't write the reset sequence to the beginning and end of the output.


Set the required output resolution 75|100|150|300|600

See Also

HP PCL 5 & Color Reference Guide, pnmtopclxl(1), pbmtolj(1), ppmtopj(1), thinkjettopbm(1), ppm(1)


Copyright (C) 2000 by Jonathan Melvin.(jonathan.melvin@heywood.co.uk)

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This manual page was generated by the Netpbm tool 'makeman' from HTML source.  The master documentation is at


Referenced By

pbmtolj(1), pnmtopclxl(1), ppmtopj(1), ppmtopjxl(1), thinkjettopbm(1).

04 September 2000 netpbm documentation