ppl_lpsol man page

ppl_lpsol — a PPL-based mixed integer programming problem solver


ppl_lpsol [OPTION]... [FILE]


Reads a file in MPS format and attempts solution using the optimization algorithms provided by the PPL.

See the GNU Linear Programming Kit: Reference Manual (Version 4.31) for information on the MPS format.


-c, --check[=THRESHOLD] checks the obtained results using GLPK;
optima are checked with a tolerance of THRESHOLD (default 1e-09); input data are also perturbed the same way as GLPK does
-i, --incremental
solves the problem incrementally
-m, --min
minimizes the objective function
-M, --max
maximizes the objective function (default)
-n, --no-optimization
checks for satisfiability only
-r, --no-mip
consider integer variables as real variables
-CSECS, --max-cpu=SECS
limits CPU usage to SECS seconds
-RMB, --max-memory=MB
limits memory usage to MB megabytes
-h, --help
prints this help text to stdout
-oPATH, --output=PATH
appends output to PATH
-e, --enumerate
use the (expensive!) enumeration method
-pM, --pricing=M
use pricing method M for simplex (assumes -s); M is an int from 0 to 2, default 0: 0 --> steepest-edge using floating point 1 --> steepest-edge using exact arithmetic 2 --> textbook
-s, --simplex
use the simplex method
-t, --timings
prints timings to stderr
-v, --verbosity=LEVEL

sets verbosity level (from 0 to 4, default 3): 0 --> quiet: no output except for errors and

explicitly required notifications

1 --> solver state only 2 --> state + optimal value 3 --> state + optimal value + optimum location 4 --> lots of output

-V, --version
prints version information to stdout


The latest version of the Parma Polyhedra Library and all the documentation is available at http://bugseng.com/products/ppl/ .


The options -CSECS (--max-cpu=SECS) and -t (--timings) are not available on some platforms.


See the file CREDITS in the source distribution or use the command ppl-config --credits for a list of contributors.

See Also


Andrew Makhorin. GNU Linear Programming Kit: Reference Manual (Version 4.31).


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