ppitester - Man Page

A wxPerl-based interactive PPI debugger/tester


This package implements a wxWindows desktop application which provides the ability to interactively test the PPI perl parser.

The PPI::Tester module implements the application, but is itself of no use to the user. The launcher for the application 'ppitester' is installed with this module, and can be launched by simply typing the following from the command line.


When launched, the application consists of two vertical panels. The left panel is where you should type in your code sample. As the left hand panel is changed, a PPI::Lexer::Dump output is continuously updated in the right hand panel.

There is a toolbar at the top of the application with two icon buttons, currently without icons. The first toolbar button clears the panels, the second is a placeholder for loading in code from a file, and is not yet implemented. ( It's early days yet for this application ).

To Do

- There are no icons on the toolbar buttons

- An option is needed to save both the left and right panels into
 a matching pair of files, compatible with the lexer testing script.


To file a bug against this module, in a way you can keep track of, see the CPAN bug tracking system.


For general comments, contact the author.


Adam Kennedy <adamk@cpan.org>

See Also

PPI::Manual, <http://ali.as/>


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