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postproof - Man Page

collect messages from a Postfix mail queue and preserve them as incident


postproof [-m <msg>] [-M] [-j] [-z] [-p] [-c <config_dir>] [-s] [-v] [-h] [-o <out_dir>] [-n <recipient>] envelope-sender [ envelope-sender]


postproof is a tool to retrieve and preserve messages from a postfix mail queue. It was created as a tool to preserve evidence after abuse incidents.

Given a whitespace separated list of one or more envelope-sender addresses postproof will search a Postfix queue for all messages from these senders. It will move all identified messages into Postfix' HOLD queue.

It will create an incident directory and start preserving evidence. For each message it will preserve a copy of its raw queue file, containing delivery information and message. Postproof will also store all messages into a maildir style directory for later inspection e.g. by a MUA. Finally it will create checksums of all files and write them to a separate file.


-m <msg> (optional)

Specifies a message on command line. The message will be written to a file named incident.txt within the incident directory.

-M (optional)

Invoke $EDITOR in order to create a message describing the incident. The message will be written to a file named incident.txt within the incident directory.

-j (optional)

Specifies to archive the incident using bzip2.

-z (optional)

Specifies to archive the incident using gzip.

-p (optional)

Specifies to purge each identified message from Postfix' HOLD queue after it has been preserved.

-c <config_dir> (default: /etc/postfix)

Specifies to use <config_dir> to identify the corresponding Postfix queue. All postproof actions will be acted upon messages in that queue. This option is useful for Postfix multiple instance setups.

-s (optional)

Specifies to store messages grouped by envelope-sender. Postproof will create a subdirectory for each envelope-sender. This option is useful only in combination if multiple envelope-senders have been given to postproof.

-v (optional)

Print verbose output during operation.

-h (optional)

Print a help message including short explanations for command line options.

-o <out_dir> (optional)

Specifies a directory out_dir name to which all incident data should be written. If not specified postproof will create a directory made from a timestamp and a random string e.g. 2015-02-02_21:56:19.1422910579.c1m9.

-n <recipient> (optional)

Specifies an envelope-recipient to whom an incident notification should be sent.


Please submit BUGS to https://github.com/sys4/postproof/issues.


Jörg Zimmermann <jz@sys4.de> wrote the program. Patrick Ben Koetter <p@sys4.de> wrote this man page.


postproofs’s home is at https://github.com/sys4/postproof.


Copyright (C) 2015 sys4 AG. Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).


03/24/2015 postproof 0.1 postproof Manual