podman-volume-unmount - Man Page

Unmount a volume


podman volume unmount volume [...]

podman volume umount volume [...]


Unmounts the specified volume, if there are no other containers using it.

Volume storage increments a mount counter each time a volume is mounted. When a volume is unmounted, the mount counter is decremented, and the volume's filesystem is physically unmounted only when the mount counter reaches zero indicating no other processes are using the mount.


Unmount volume with a given ID

podman volume unmount volumeID

Unmount multiple volumes with given IDs

podman volume unmount volumeID1 volumeID2 volumeID3

See Also

podman(1), podman-volume(1), podman-volume-mount(1)

Referenced By

podman-volume(1), podman-volume-mount(1).

The man page docker-volume-unmount(1) is an alias of podman-volume-unmount(1).