podman-volume-export - Man Page

Export volume to external tar


podman volume export [options] volume


podman volume export exports the contents of a podman volume and saves it as a tarball on the local machine. podman volume export writes to STDOUT by default and can be redirected to a file using the --output flag.

Note: Following command is not supported by podman-remote.

podman volume export [Options] VOLUME



Print usage statement

--output, -o=file

Write to a file, default is STDOUT


Export named volume content into the specified file.

$ podman volume export myvol --output myvol.tar

See Also

podman(1), podman-volume(1), podman-volume-import(1)

Referenced By

podman-volume(1), podman-volume-import(1).

The man page docker-volume-export(1) is an alias of podman-volume-export(1).