podman-untag - Man Page

Removes one or more names from a locally-stored image


podman untag image [name[:tag]...]

podman image untag image [name[:tag]...]


Remove one or more names from an image in the local storage.  The image can be referred to by ID or reference.  If a no name is specified, all names are removed the image.  If a specified name is a short name and does not include a registry localhost/ will be prefixed (e.g., fedora -> localhost/fedora). If a specified name does not include a tag :latest will be appended (e.g., localhost/fedora -> localhost/fedora:latest).


--help, -h

Print usage statement


$ podman untag 0e3bbc2

$ podman untag imageName:latest otherImageName:latest

$ podman untag httpd myregistryhost:5000/fedora/httpd:v2

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December 2019, Originally compiled by Sascha Grunert sgrunert@suse.com ⟨mailto:sgrunert@suse.com⟩

Referenced By

podman(1), podman-image(1).

The man pages docker-untag(1) and podman-image-untag(1) are aliases of podman-untag(1).