podman-untag - Man Page

Remove one or more names from a locally-stored image


podman untag image [name[:tag]...]

podman image untag image [name[:tag]...]


Remove one or more names from an image in the local storage.  The image can be referred to by ID or reference.  If no name is specified, all names are removed from the image.  If a specified name is a short name and does not include a registry, localhost/ is prefixed (e.g., fedora -> localhost/fedora). If a specified name does not include a tag, :latest is appended (e.g., localhost/fedora -> localhost/fedora:latest).


--help, -h

Print usage statement


$ podman untag 0e3bbc2

$ podman untag imageName:latest otherImageName:latest

$ podman untag httpd myregistryhost:5000/fedora/httpd:v2

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December 2019, Originally compiled by Sascha Grunert sgrunert@suse.com ⟨mailto:sgrunert@suse.com⟩

Referenced By

podman(1), podman-image(1).

The man pages docker-image-untag(1), docker-untag(1) and podman-image-untag(1) are aliases of podman-untag(1).