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podman-tag - Man Page

Add an additional name to a local image


podman tag image[:tag] [target-name[:tag]...] [options]

podman image tag image[:tag] [target-name[:tag]...] [options]


Assigns a new image name to an existing image.  A full name refers to the entire image name, including the optional tag after the :.  If there is no tag provided, then Podman defaults to latest for both the image and the target-name.


--help, -h

Print usage statement


Tag specified image with an image name defaulting to :latest.

$ podman tag 0e3bbc2 fedora:latest

Tag specified image with fully specified image name.

$ podman tag httpd myregistryhost:5000/fedora/httpd:v2

Tag specified image with multiple tags.

$ podman tag mymariadb mycontainerregistry.io/namespace/mariadb:10 mycontainerregistry.io/namespace/mariadb:10.11 mycontainerregistry.io/namespace/mariadb:10.11.12

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December 2019, Update description to refer to 'name' instead of 'alias' by Sascha Grunert sgrunert@suse.com ⟨mailto:sgrunert@suse.com⟩ July 2017, Originally compiled by Ryan Cole rycole@redhat.com ⟨mailto:rycole@redhat.com⟩

Referenced By

podman(1), podman-image(1), podman-remote(1).

The man pages docker-image-tag(1), docker-tag(1) and podman-image-tag(1) are aliases of podman-tag(1).