podman-system-connection - Man Page

Manage the destination(s) for Podman service(s)


podman system connection subcommand


Manage the destination(s) for Podman service(s).

The user is prompted for the ssh login password or key file passphrase as required. The ssh-agent is supported if it is running.


CommandMan PageDescription
addpodman-system-connection-add(1)Record destination for the Podman service
defaultpodman-system-connection-default(1)Set named destination as default for the Podman service
listpodman-system-connection-list(1)List the destination for the Podman service(s)
removepodman-system-connection-remove(1)Delete named destination
renamepodman-system-connection-rename(1)Rename the destination for Podman service


$ podman system connection list
Name URI                                           Identity	  Default
devl ssh://root@example.com/run/podman/podman.sock ~/.ssh/id_rsa  true

See Also

podman(1), podman-system(1)


June 2020, Originally compiled by Jhon Honce (jhonce at redhat dot com)

Referenced By

podman-farm-create(1), podman-system(1), podman-system-connection-add(1), podman-system-connection-default(1), podman-system-connection-list(1), podman-system-connection-remove(1), podman-system-connection-rename(1), podman-system-service(1).

The man page docker-system-connection(1) is an alias of podman-system-connection(1).