podman-start - Man Page

Start one or more containers


podman start [options] container ...

podman container start [options] container ...


Start one or more containers.  You may use container IDs or names as input.  The attach and interactive options cannot be used to override the --tty and --interactive options from when the container was created. If you attempt to start a running container with the --attach option, podman will simply attach to the container.


--attach, -a

Attach container's STDOUT and STDERR.  The default is false. This option cannot be used when starting multiple containers.


Specify the key sequence for detaching a container. Format is a single character [a-Z] or one or more ctrl-<value> characters where <value> is one of: a-z, @, ^, [, , or _. Specifying "" will disable this feature. The default is ctrl-p,ctrl-q.

--interactive, -i

Attach container's STDIN. The default is false.

--latest, -l

Instead of providing the container name or ID, use the last created container. If you use methods other than Podman to run containers such as CRI-O, the last started container could be from either of those methods. (This option is not available with the remote Podman client)


Proxy received signals to the process (non-TTY mode only). SIGCHLD, SIGSTOP, and SIGKILL are not proxied. The default is true when attaching, false otherwise.


Start all the containers created by Podman, default is only running containers.

--filter, -f

Filter what containers are going to be started from the given arguments. Multiple filters can be given with multiple uses of the --filter flag. Filters with the same key work inclusive with the only exception being label which is exclusive. Filters with different keys always work exclusive.

Valid filters are listed below:

id[ID] Container's ID (accepts regex)
name[Name] Container's name (accepts regex)
label[Key] or [Key=Value] Label assigned to a container
exited[Int] Container's exit code
status[Status] Container's status: 'created', 'exited', 'paused', 'running', 'unknown'
ancestor[ImageName] Image or descendant used to create container
before[ID] or [Name] Containers created before this container
since[ID] or [Name] Containers created since this container
volume[VolumeName] or [MountpointDestination] Volume mounted in container
health[Status] healthy or unhealthy
pod[Pod] name or full or partial ID of pod
network[Network] name or full ID of network


podman start mywebserver

podman start 860a4b231279 5421ab43b45

podman start --interactive --attach 860a4b231279

podman start -i -l

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November 2018, Originally compiled by Brent Baude bbaude@redhat.com ⟨mailto:bbaude@redhat.com⟩

Referenced By

podman(1), podman-container(1), podman-create(1), podman-init(1), podman-remote(1), podman-run(1), toolbox-enter(1), toolbox-init-container(1), toolbox-run(1).

The man page podman-container-start(1) is an alias of podman-start(1).