podman-rmi - Man Page

Removes one or more locally stored images


podman rmi [options] image [...]

podman image rm [options] image [...]


Removes one or more locally stored images.


--all, -a

Remove all images in the local storage.

--force, -f

This option will cause podman to remove all containers that are using the image before removing the image from the system.

Remove an image by its short ID

$ podman rmi c0ed59d05ff7

Remove an image and its associated containers.

$ podman rmi --force imageID

Remove multiple images by their shortened IDs.

$ podman rmi c4dfb1609ee2 93fd78260bd1 c0ed59d05ff7

Remove all images and containers.

$ podman rmi -a -f

Exit Status

0   All specified images removed

1   One of the specified images did not exist, and no other failures

2   One of the specified images has child images or is being used by a container

125 The command fails for any other reason

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March 2017, Originally compiled by Dan Walsh dwalsh@redhat.com ⟨mailto:dwalsh@redhat.com⟩

Referenced By

podman(1), podman-image(1), podman-manifest-add(1), podman-manifest-annotate(1), podman-manifest-create(1), podman-manifest-inspect(1), podman-manifest-push(1), podman-manifest-remove(1), podman-remote(1), podman-rm(1), toolbox-rmi(1).

The man page podman-image-rm(1) is an alias of podman-rmi(1).