podman-restart - Man Page

Restart one or more containers


podman restart [options] container ...

podman container restart [options] container ...


The restart command allows containers to be restarted using their ID or name. Containers will be stopped if they are running and then restarted. Stopped containers will not be stopped and will only be started.


--all, -a

Restart all containers regardless of their current state.

--latest, -l

Instead of providing the container name or ID, use the last created container. If you use methods other than Podman to run containers such as CRI-O, the last started container could be from either of those methods.

The latest option is not supported on the remote client.


Restart all containers that are already in the running state.

--time=time, -t

Timeout to wait before forcibly stopping the container.


Restart the latest container

$ podman restart -l

Restart a specific container by partial container ID

$ podman restart ff6cf1

Restart two containers by name with a timeout of 4 seconds

$ podman restart --time 4 test1 test2

Restart all running containers

$ podman restart --running

Restart all containers

$ podman restart --all

See Also

podman(1), podman-run(1), podman-start(1), podman-create(1)


March 2018, Originally compiled by Matt Heon mheon@redhat.com ⟨mailto:mheon@redhat.com⟩

Referenced By

podman(1), podman-container(1), podman-pod-restart(1), podman-remote(1).

The man page podman-container-restart(1) is an alias of podman-restart(1).