podman-network-connect - Man Page

Connect a container to a network


podman network connect [options] network container


Connects a container to a network. A container can be connected to a network by name or by ID. Once connected, the container can communicate with other containers in the same network.

This command is not available for rootless users.



Add network-scoped alias for the container.  If the network is using the dnsname CNI plugin, these aliases can be used for name resolution on the given network.  Multiple --alias options may be specified as input.


Connect a container named web to a network named test

podman network connect test web

Connect a container name web to a network named test with two aliases: web1 and web2

podman network connect --alias web1 --alias web2 test web

See Also

podman(1), podman-network(1), podman-network-disconnect(1), podman-network-inspect(1)


November 2020, Originally compiled by Brent Baude bbaude@redhat.com ⟨mailto:bbaude@redhat.com⟩

Referenced By

podman-network(1), podman-network-disconnect(1).