podman-manifest-inspect - Man Page

Display a manifest list or image index


podman manifest inspect [options] listnameorindexname


Displays the manifest list or image index stored using the specified image name.

Return Value

A formatted JSON representation of the manifest list or image index.



Path of the authentication file. Default is ${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}/containers/auth.json on Linux, and $HOME/.config/containers/auth.json on Windows/macOS. The file is created by podman login. If the authorization state is not found there, $HOME/.docker/config.json is checked, which is set using docker login.

Note: There is also the option to override the default path of the authentication file by setting the REGISTRY_AUTH_FILE environment variable. This can be done with export REGISTRY_AUTH_FILE=path.


Require HTTPS and verify certificates when contacting registries (default: true). If explicitly set to true, TLS verification is used. If set to false, TLS verification is not used. If not specified, TLS verification is used unless the target registry is listed as an insecure registry in containers-registries.conf(5)


Inspect the manifest of mylist:v1.11.

podman manifest inspect mylist:v1.11

See Also

podman(1), podman-manifest(1)

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