podman-machine-inspect - Man Page

Inspect one or more virtual machines


podman machine inspect [options] [name] ...


Inspect one or more virtual machines

Obtain greater detail about Podman virtual machines. More than one virtual machine can be inspected at once.

The default machine name is podman-machine-default. If a machine name is not specified as an argument, then podman-machine-default will be inspected.

Rootless only.



Print results with a Go template.

.ConfigPath ...Machine configuration file location
.ConnectionInfo ...Machine connection information
.Created ...Machine creation time (string, ISO3601)
.Image ...Machine image config
.LastUp ...Time when machine was last booted
.NameName of the machine
.Resources ...Resources used by the machine
.RootfulWhether the machine prefers rootful or rootless container execution
.SSHConfig ...SSH configuration info for communicating with machine
.StateMachine state
.UserModeNetworkingWhether this machine uses user-mode networking


Print usage statement.


Inspect the specified Podman machine.

$ podman machine inspect podman-machine-default

See Also

podman(1), podman-machine(1)


April 2022, Originally compiled by Brent Baude bbaude@redhat.com ⟨mailto:bbaude@redhat.com⟩

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The man page docker-machine-inspect(1) is an alias of podman-machine-inspect(1).