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Manage images

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podman image subcommand


The image command allows the management of images


CommandMan PageDescription
buildpodman-build(1)Build a container using a Dockerfile.
diffpodman-image-diff(1)Inspect changes on an image's filesystem.
existspodman-image-exists(1)Check if an image exists in local storage.
historypodman-history(1)Show the history of an image.
importpodman-import(1)Import a tarball and save it as a filesystem image.
inspectpodman-image-inspect(1)Display an image's configuration.
listpodman-images(1)List the container images on the system.(alias ls)
loadpodman-load(1)Load an image from the docker archive.
mountpodman-image-mount(1)Mount an image's root filesystem.
prunepodman-image-prune(1)Remove all unused images from the local store.
pullpodman-pull(1)Pull an image from a registry.
pushpodman-push(1)Push an image from local storage to elsewhere.
rmpodman-rmi(1)Remove one or more locally stored images.
savepodman-save(1)Save an image to docker-archive or oci.
scppodman-image-scp(1)Securely copy an image from one host to another.
searchpodman-search(1)Search a registry for an image.
signpodman-image-sign(1)Create a signature for an image.
tagpodman-tag(1)Add an additional name to a local image.
treepodman-image-tree(1)Print layer hierarchy of an image in a tree format.
trustpodman-image-trust(1)Manage container registry image trust policy.
unmountpodman-image-unmount(1)Unmount an image's root filesystem.
untagpodman-untag(1)Remove one or more names from a locally-stored image.

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podman(1), podman-image-diff(1), podman-image-exists(1), podman-image-inspect(1), podman-image-mount(1), podman-remote(1).

The man page docker-image(1) is an alias of podman-image(1).