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podman-farm - Man Page

Farm out builds to machines running podman for different architectures


podman farm subcommand


Farm out builds to machines running Podman for different architectures.

Manage farms by creating, updating, and removing them.

Note: All farm machines must have a minimum podman version of v4.9.0.

Podman manages the farms by writing and reading the podman-connections.json file located under $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/containers or if the env is not set it defaults to $HOME/.config/containers. Or the PODMAN_CONNECTIONS_CONF environment variable can be set to a full file path which podman will use instead. This file is managed by the podman commands and should never be edited by users directly. To manually configure the farms use the [farm] section in containers.conf.

If the ReadWrite column in the podman farm list output is set to true the farm is stored in the podman-connections.json file otherwise it is stored in containers.conf and can therefore not be edited with the podman farm remove/update commands. It can still be used with podman farm build.


CommandMan PageDescription
buildpodman-farm-build(1)Build images on farm nodes, then bundle them into a manifest list
createpodman-farm-create(1)Create a new farm
listpodman-farm-list(1)List the existing farms
removepodman-farm-remove(1)Delete one or more farms
updatepodman-farm-update(1)Update an existing farm

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July 2023, Originally compiled by Urvashi Mohnani (umohnani at redhat dot com)

Referenced By

podman(1), podman-farm-build(1), podman-farm-create(1), podman-farm-list(1), podman-farm-remove(1), podman-farm-update(1).

The man page docker-farm(1) is an alias of podman-farm(1).