pod2test man page

pod2test — Convert embedded tests and code examples to .t files


  pod2test [-Mmodule] [input [output]]


pod2test is a front-end for Pod::Tests (formerly Test::Inline 1). It generates TAP-compatible .t testing scripts from embedded tests and code examples.

If output is not specified, the resulting .t file will go to STDOUT. Otherwise, it will go to the given output file.  If input is not given, it will draw from STDIN.

If the given file contains no tests or code examples, no output will be given, no output file will be created and pod2test will exit with 1.

The Test::More module is made available to the testing blocks using the 'no_plan' feature.  Any further modules which should be used are specified with -M. UNIMPLEMENTED


This is a very simple rough cut.  It only does very rudimentary tests on the examples.


This script has been superceded by "inline2test" from the newer Test::Inline 2. Most testing code that currently works with "pod2test" should continue to work with the new version.

The most notable exceptions are "=for begin" and "=for end", which are deprecated in the newer version.

After upgrading Test::Inline, Pod::Tests and "pod2test" were split out to provide a compatibility package for legacy code.

"pod2test" will stay in CPAN, but should remain unchanged indefinately, with the exception of any minor bugs that will require squishing.

Bugs in this dist should be reported via the following URL. Feature requests should not be submitted, as further development is now occuring in Test::Inline.



Michael G Schwern <schwern@pobox.com>

Adam Kennedy <adamk@cpan.org>

See Also

Pod::Tests, Test::Inline


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