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pod2github - Man Page

Convert POD text to Github flavored markdown


version 1.000


    # parse STDIN, print to STDOUT
    $ pod2github < POD_File > Markdown_File

    # parse file, print to STDOUT
    $ pod2github input.pod

    # parse file, print to file
    $ pod2github input.pod output.mkdn

    # parse STDIN, print to file
    $ pod2github - output.mkdn


This program uses Pod::Markdown::Github to convert POD into Github Markdown sources.

UTF-8 is the default output encoding if no encoding options are specified (see "Options").

It accepts two optional arguments:



A list of characters to encode as HTML entities. Pass a regexp character class, or 1 to mean control chars, high-bit chars, and <&>"'.

See "html_encode_chars" in Pod::Markdown for more information.

--match-encoding (-m)

Use the same =encoding as the input pod for the output file.

--output-encoding (-e)

Specify the encoding for the output file.

--utf8 (-u)

Alias for -e UTF-8.

See Also

This program is pretty much a straight copy of pod2markdown, which is in turn  strongly based on pod2mdwn from Module::Build::IkiWiki.


Stefan G. <minimal@cpan.org>


This software is based on work by:


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