pngsplit - Man Page

manual page for pngsplit 1.0


pngsplit [options] pngfile [pngfile [...]]


pngsplit, version 1.0 of 31 October 2020, by Greg Roelofs.

Split a PNG, MNG or JNG file into individual, numbered chunks (filenames "foo.png.0000.sig", "foo.png.0001.IHDR", etc.).

This software is licensed under the GNU General Public License. There is NO warranty.



overwrite existing output files


print more status messages (synonym: -noquiet)

See Also

pngcheck(1), png-fix-IDAT-windowsize(1)

Referenced By

pngcheck(1), png-fix-IDAT-windowsize(1).

October 2020 pngsplit 1.0