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pngcheck - Man Page

manual page for pngcheck 3.0.3

Examples (TL;DR)


pngcheck [-7cpqtv] file.{png|jng|mng} [file2.{png|jng|mng} [...]]
... | pngcheck [-7cpqstvx]
pngcheck [-7cpqstvxfile-containing-PNGs...


PNGcheck, version 3.0.3 of 25 April 2021, by Alexander Lehmann, Andreas Dilger and Greg Roelofs.

Test PNG, JNG or MNG image files for corruption, and print size/type info.



print contents of tEXt chunks, escape chars >=128 (for 7-bit terminals)


colorize output (for ANSI terminals)


print contents of PLTE, tRNS, hIST, sPLT and PPLT (can be used with -q)


test quietly (output only errors)


search for PNGs within another file


print contents of tEXt chunks (can be used with -q)


test verbosely (print most chunk data)


test very verbosely (decode & print line filters)


suppress windowBits test (more-stringent compression check)


search for PNGs within another file and extract them when found


MNG support is more informational than conformance-oriented.

See Also

pngsplit(1), png-fix-IDAT-windowsize(1)

Referenced By

png-fix-IDAT-windowsize(1), pngsplit(1).

April 2021 pngcheck 3.0.3