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png-fix-IDAT-windowsize - Man Page

manual page for png-fix-IDAT-windowsize 1.0


png-fix-IDAT-windowsize [options] pngfile [pngfileĀ ...]


png-fix-IDAT-windowsize, version 1.0 of 31 October 2020, by Greg Roelofs.

Uses explicit, hardcoded compression settings and line filters, writing result to output file with extension "-fixed.png".

This software is licensed under the GNU General Public License. There is NO warranty.



overwrite existing output files


print more status messages (synonym: -noquiet)

See Also

pngcheck(1), pngsplit(1)

Referenced By

pngcheck(1), pngsplit(1).

October 2020 png-fix-IDAT-windowsize 1.0