pmltrans man page

pmltrans — transform a PhotoML XML file into an HTML description


pmltrans [-h] [-f] [-s size] (([-e] [-m]) |  [-d [-x]]) [xmlfile]


pmltrans is a shell script that calls xsltproc to transform a PhotoML XML file into an HTML representation. The HTML output is written to stdout.


pmltrans accepts the following options:


Display usage information.


Omit the validity test prior to applying the XSL.

-s size

Set the primary font size in points.


Include a column providing exposure details when these are present in the PhotoML data.


Include location map when coordinates are specified in the PhotoML data.


Generate detailed output rather than the default summary output.


Expand defaults before applying the XSL. If the summary output is used, defaults are expanded even when this option is not selected.


Brendt Wohlberg <>

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13 November 2010