pmltoxmp man page

pmltoxmp — convert a PhotoML file to XMP format


pmltoxmp [-h] [-n] (([-o path] [-s fstr]) |  ([-g fid] [-f gid])) [xmlfile]


pmltoxmp is a shell script that calls xsltproc to transform a subset of data in a PhotoML XML file into XMP format. If a single frame is specified for output, it is written to stdout, otherwise a separate output file is written for each frame in the PhotoML file.

The primary purpose of conversion to XMP format is to allow a subset of PhotoML data to be included in the metadata of a digital image by using the exiftool utility, which can use XMP data as input. For example, assuming that PhotoML data for roll 2001r12 is in file photoml.xml, and file 2001r22f01n01.jpg is a scan of frame 01 on that roll, the following commands would copy a subset of the PhotoML data into the EXIF metadata of the digital image:

pmltoxmp -g 2001r12 -f 01 photoml.xml > tmp.xmp
exiftool -TagsFromFile tmp.xmp 2001r22f01n01.jpg


pmltoxmp accepts the following options:


Display usage information.


Omit the validity test prior to applying the XSL.

-o path

Specify the output path. The default value is ".".

-s fstr

Specify image id format string. This format is used to construct both the EXIF DocumentName value and the output filename (when relevant). Occurrences of "%g" and "%f" in this string are substituted with the group and frame ids respectively. The default value is "%gf%f".

-g gid

Specify id of group containing frame to convert.

-f fid

Specify id of frame to convert.


Brendt Wohlberg <>

See Also

xsltproc(1) exiftool(1)


28 January