pmlindex man page

pmlindex — constructs an HTML index of PhotoML files


pmlindex [-h] [-y] [-s size] (([-e] [-m]) | [-d]) [-p dst-path] xmlfile [xmlfile] ...


pmlindex is a shell script that builds an indexed set of HTML descriptions of the PhotoML files provided as command line arguments. If an HTML descriptions exists, it is only reconstructed if it has an older time stamp than the corresponding PhotoML file.


pmlindex accepts the following options:


Display usage information.


Group table entries by year.

-s size

Set the primary font size in points.


Include a column providing exposure details when these are present in the PhotoML data.


Include location map when coordinates are specified in the PhotoML data.


Generate detailed output rather than the default summary output.

-p dst-path

Specify the destination path for the HTML files.


Brendt Wohlberg <>

See Also

pmlexpand(1), pmltrans(1)


11 February 2011