pmldigital man page

pmldigital — construct PhotoML files from EXIF data in digital images from a digital camera, or from data embedded in the output of a film scanner (only Nikon Coolscan scanners are currently supported)


pmldigital [-h] [-b] [-i] [-f] [-d] [-r] [-x]  ([-s] | [-g group-id]) [-t date-time-offset] imagefile [imagefile] ...


pmldigital constructs PhotoML files from EXIF data in digital images from a digital camera, or from the private tags in TIFF files written by the Nikon Scan film scanner software.


pmldigital accepts the following options:


Display usage information.


Include file basename only in output.


Output intermediate XML representation of EXIF data.


Fast output excluding computation of image and file md5 hashes.


Construct digimage descriptions of scanned images instead of digital descriptions of digital camera images.


Skip JPEG images with same basename as a RAW image


For each specified image file, look for an XMP file with the same path and filename, but with a .xmp extension. If found, tags from this file override those in the main image file.


Set group and frame (and image) ids from standard filenames.

-g group-id

Specify group id for the set of image files.

-t date-time-offset

Apply an offset to date/time values in EXIF data. The offset string is in the format accepted by the ParseDateDelta function of the Date::Manip Perl module, for example "+1y +2m +3d -2h +4mn +6s" for an offset adding 1 year, 2 months, and 3 days, subtracting 2 hours, and adding 4 minutes and 6 seconds.


Brendt Wohlberg <>

See Also

Image::ExifTool(3), Date::Manip(3), md5sum(1), xsltproc(1)


17 October 2009