pmempool-rm - Man Page

remove a persistent memory pool


$ pmempool rm [<options>] <file>..


NOTICE: The libpmemblk and libpmemlog libraries are deprecated since PMDK 1.13.0 release.


The pmempool rm command removes each specified file. If the specified file is a pool set file, all pool files (single-file pool or part files) are removed. By default the pmempool rm does not remove pool set files. All pool files are removed using unlink(3) call, except the pools created on device dax which are zeroed instead. If specified file does not exist the pmempool rm command terminates with an error code. By default it prompts before removing write-protected files. See EXAMPLES section for example usage of the rm command.

Available options

-h, --help

Print help message

-v, --verbose

Be verbose and print all removing files.

-s, --only-pools

Remove only pool files and do not remove pool set files (default behaviour).

-a, --all

Remove all pool set files.

-l, --local

Remove local pool set files.

-f, --force

Remove all specified files, ignore nonexistent files, never prompt.

-i, --interactive

Prompt before removing every single file.


$ pmempool rm pool.obj pool.blk

Remove specified pool files.

$ pmempool rm pool.set

Remove all pool files from the “pool.set”, do not remove pool.set itself.

$ pmempool rm -a pool.set

Remove all pool files from the “pool.set”.

See Also

pmempool(1), libpmemblk(7), libpmemlog(7), libpmemobj(7) and <>

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