pmempool-feature - Man Page

toggle or query pool set features


$ pmempool feature (-e|-d|-q feature-name) [options] <file>


The pmempool feature command enables / disables or queries pool set features.

Available pool feature-names are:

It is possible to use poolset as file argument. But poolsets with remote replicas are not supported.

Available options

-h, --help

Print help message.

-v, --verbose

Increase verbosity level.

-e, --enable feature-name

Enable feature for pool set.

-d, --disable feature-name

Disable feature for pool set.

-q, --query feature-name

Print feature status.


Poolsets with features not defined in this document (e.g. enabled by the newer software version) are not supported.


pmempool feature command is not fail safe.


$ pmempool feature --enable CHECKSUM_2K pool.set

Enables POOL_FEAT_CKSUM_2K incompat feature flag.

$ pmempool feature --disable CHECKSUM_2K pool.set

Disables POOL_FEAT_CKSUM_2K incompat feature flag.

$ pmempool feature --query CHECKSUM_2K pool.set

Prints POOL_FEAT_CKSUM_2K incompat feature flag value.

See Also

poolset(5) and <>

Referenced By

pmemblk_create(3), pmemlog_create(3), pmemobj_open(3), pmempool(1), pmempool_feature_query(3), pmempool-sync(1).

2022-08-25 PMDK - pmem Tools version 1.4 PMDK Programmer's Manual