pmempool-dump - Man Page

dump user data from persistent memory pool


$ pmempool dump [<options>] <file>


NOTICE: The libpmemblk and libpmemlog libraries are deprecated since PMDK 1.13.0 release.


The pmempool invoked with dump command dumps user data from specified pool file. The output format may be either binary or hexadecimal.

By default the output format is hexadecimal.

By default data is dumped to standard output. It is possible to dump data to other file by specifying -o option. In this case data will be appended to this file.

Using -r option you can specify number of blocks/bytes/data chunks using special text format. See Range section for details.

Available options

-b, --binary

Dump data in binary format.

-r, --range <range>

Range of pool file to dump. This may be number of blocks for blk pool type or either number of bytes or number of data chunks for log pool type.

-c, --chunk <size>

Size of chunk for log pool type. See pmemlog_walk(3) in libpmemlog(7) for details.

-o, --output <file>

Name of output file.

-h, --help

Display help message and exit.


Using -r, –range option it is possible to dump only a range of user data. This section describes valid format of <range> string.

You can specify multiple ranges separated by commas.


All blocks/bytes/data chunks from <first> to <last> will be dumped.


All blocks/bytes/data chunks up to <last> will be dumped.


All blocks/bytes/data chunks starting from <first> will be dumped.


Only <number> block/byte/data chunk will be dumped.


$ pmempool dump pool.bin

Dump user data from pool.bin file to standard output

$ pmempool dump -o output.bin -r1,10-100 pool_blk.bin

Dump block number 1 and blocks from 10 to 100 from pool_blk.bin containing pmem blk pool to output.bin file

$ pmempool dump -r 1K-2K pool.bin

Dump data form 1K to 2K from pool.bin file.

See Also

pmempool(1), libpmemblk(7), libpmemlog(7), libpmemobj(7) and <>

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