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pmempool-create - Man Page

create a persistent memory pool


$ pmempool create [<options>] [<type>] <file>


The pmempool invoked with create command creates a pool file of specified type.

The only valid pool types is: obj which stands for pmemobj pool. By default the pool file is created with minimum allowed size for specified pool type. The minimum sizes for obj pool type is PMEMOBJ_MIN_POOL. See libpmemobj(7) for details.

In order to set custom size of pool use -s option, or use -M option to create a pool of maximum available size on underlying file system.

The size argument may be passed in format that permits only the upper-case character for byte - B as specified in IEC 80000-13, IEEE 1541 and the Metric Interchange Format. Standards accept SI units with obligatory B - kB, MB, GB, ... which means multiplier by 1000 and IEC units with optional “iB” - KiB, MiB, GiB, ..., K, M, G, ... - which means multiplier by 1024.

Available options

-s, --size <size>

Size of pool file.

-M, --max-size

Set size of pool to available space of underlying file system.

-m, --mode <octal>

Set permissions to (the default is 0664) when creating the files. If the file already exist the permissions are not changed.

-i, --inherit <file>

Create a new pool of the same size and other properties as <file>.

-b, --clear-bad-blocks

Clear bad blocks in existing files.

-f, --force

Remove the pool before creating.

-v, --verbose

Increase verbosity level.

-h, --help

Display help message and exit.

-l, --layout <layout>

Layout name of the pmemobj pool. By default when creating a pmem obj pool, the layout name provided to the libpmemobj library is an empty string. Please refer to libpmemobj(7) for details.


$ pmempool create obj pool.obj

Create a obj pool file of minimum allowed size

$ pmempool create obj -M pool.obj

Create a obj pool file of maximum allowed size

$ pmempool create --layout my_layout obj pool.obj

Create an obj pool file of minimum allowed size and layout “my_layout”

$ pmempool create --inherit=pool.obj new_pool.obj

Create a pool file based on pool.obj file

See Also

pmempool(1), libpmemobj(7) and <https://pmem.io>

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2024-01-25 PMDK - PMDK Programmer's Manual