pmempool-convert man page

pmempool-convert — Convert pool files from old layout versions to the newest one.


$ pmempool convert <file>


The pmempool invoked with the convert command performs a conversion of the specified pool to the newest layout supported by this tool. Currently only libpmemobj(3) pools are supported. It is advised to have a backup of the pool before conversion.

NOTE: The conversion process is not fail-safe - power interruption may damage the pool.


$ pmempool convert pool.obj

Updates pool.obj to the latest layout version.

See Also

pmempool(1), libpmempool(3), libpmemlog(3), libpmemblk(3), libpmemobj(3) and <>

Referenced By


2017-07-13 NVM Library - pmem Tools version 1.3 NVML Programmer's Manual