pmempool man page

pmempool -- Persistent Memory Pool Management Tool


$ pmempool [--help] [--version] <command> [<args>]


The pmempool is a management tool for Persistent Memory pool files created by NVML libraries.

The main purpose of pmempool is to provide a user with a set of utilities for off-line analysis and manipulation of pools created by pmem libraries. The pmempool is a generic command which consists of subcommands for specific purposes. Some of subcommands are required to work without any impact on processed pool, but some of them may create a new or modify an existing one.

The pmempool may be useful for troubleshooting by system administrators and for software developers who work on applications based on NVM Library. The latter may find these tools useful for testing and debugging purposes also.


Prints the version of pmempool.
Prints synopsis and list of commands.


Currently there is a following set of commands available:

In order to get more information about specific command you can use pmempool help .

See Also

libpmemlog(3), libpmemblk(3), libpmemobj(3) and <>

Referenced By

libpmemblk(3), libpmemlog(3), libpmemobj(3), pmempool-check(1), pmempool-convert(1), pmempool-create(1), pmempool-dump(1), pmempool-info(1), pmempool-rm(1), pmempool-sync(1), pmempool-transform(1).

2017-07-13 NVM Library - pmem Tools version 1.3 NVML Programmer's Manual