pmap man page

pmap — report memory map of a process


pmap [ -x | -d ] [ -q ] pids...
pmap -V


The pmap command reports the memory map of a process or processes.

General Options

-xextendedShow the extended format.
-ddeviceShow the device format.
-qquietDo not display some header/footer lines.
-Vshow versionDisplays version of program.

See Also

ps(1) pgrep(1)


No standards apply, but pmap looks an awful lot like a SunOS command.


Albert Cahalan <albert@users.sf.net> wrote pmap in 2002, and is the current maintainer of the procps collection. Please send bug reports to <procps-feedback@lists.sf.net>.

Referenced By

dstat(1), proc(5), smem(8).

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October 26, 2002